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IMS Quality Management System Policy

Plastic industry Jahad Zamzam, a company active in the field of producing polyethylene pipe and poly-ethylene and polypropylene fittings by creating process-oriented thinking, committed to improving the quality of its products, customer satisfaction, improving environmental performance, safety, occupational health It should be. To this end, we have established management systems based on the following standards at the company level.

ISO9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015, ISO45001: 2018

The company is committed to achieving the following macro goals.

  • Develop and increase target markets as well as increase sales.
  • Improving the quality of manufactured products.
  • Targeted and Applied Staff Training.
  • Promote employees’ morale and motivation by attracting their participation and improving the quality of work.
  • Prevention and reduction of environmental pollution.
  • Prevention of accidents, preservation and promotion of safety and health of employees.

The management and staff of the plastic industry have committed themselves to committing Jihad Zamzam in order to meet the requirements and to comply with the relevant governmental and legal regulations and regulations to achieve the above objectives, and will work hard and cooperate with effective communication, Realize the goals.
The company also manages this policy in a variety of ways available to its employees and ensures that it is understood by all employees, who will be able to assist the management in this regard.
The company will review, annually, by monitoring, measuring, and analyzing the extent of realization of the defined goals of line execution, and re-examining it as needed.



Lab policy

This laboratory, as part of the Jahad Zamzam Plastics Industries Co., one of the largest and most trusted polyethylene pipe manufacturers in the country, has been providing its services in the field of testing polyethylene (water supply, sewage and gas supply) standards National and international customers.

In order to establish the ISO 17025 standard, the outline describes its policy as follows, and all laboratory personnel are committed and required to implement its provisions.

Compliance with all requirements and regulatory requirements related to the ISO17025 International Standard System.
Applying expert forces with experience and raising their level of awareness.
Observe professional procedures in the lab and conduct quizzes based on relevant documentation.
Use of valid and standardized test methods.
Correcting test methods by comparing reference materials or standard methods when using non-standard test methods.
Improvement of the quality of the laboratory services and its continuous improvement.
Improving the level of customer satisfaction and trusting them with respect to the principle of honesty and trust
Use appropriate and up-to-date infrastructure to conduct tests as desired.
As Director of the Laboratory, believing in this policy, I try to speed up the movement of the lab to achieve the above goals, improve continuously and enhance customer satisfaction by supplying the necessary resources. Senior Lecturer