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Our Company

Zam zam  Plastic  Industries Co. is one of the biggest manufactures of polyethylene pipes and fitting products for water, gas supplies and sewer according to national, international and quality management standard system ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015, OHSAS 18001,5S in Iran, well known in the world of plastics pipe production for its high quality and diversity of products.

ZPI Co. established in 1983 currently and has a team of professional experts and equipped with quality control labs, partner with National Iranian Standards Organization and the ISO 17025 qualification certificate and the modern manufacturing machines to produce 35000 MT of various pipes and fittings in its factories in five different locations of Iran.

The head office is in Tehran and the factories located in cities of Ahvaz, Iranshahr, Mashhad, Sanandaj and Zanjan.


Lines for the production of polyethylene pipes and fittings

  • Single -wall polyethylene pipe production lines for water supply, irrigation and gas supply of the company with owns day technology and valid brands from Reifenhauser, Battenfeld, Krauss Mafaei of Germany and Microsan of Turkey as well as lines for producing of PE double-wall Profiled pipes from Krah Co. of Germany, PE double wall corrugated pipes from Corma Co. of Canada, and PP single wall corrugated flexible pipes, used in double-wall polyethylene spiral pipelines, from Itib Co. of Italy for the production of PE sewer pipes.

Single -wall pipelines of the company’s factories are equipped with advanced process control systems, including weight control units  (gravimetric) and pipes diameter and wall thickness control systems (ultrasonic) from Inoex and Canpro companies in Germany, which allow full control and monitoring and precise weight, diameter and wall thickness of the pipes accordance with standards during pipe production.

  • Polyethylene fittings are manufactured by the Polish company Ponar-Zowiek Plastic Injection Machines and moulds from Ramaix Co. of Netherlands and domestic accredited companies.


The company’s main products :

Produce PE pipes, brackets, buoys for build of fish farming structure in different sizes according to EN 12201, NS 9415-2009.

PE-water supply pipes and irrigation from 20 up to 800mm outside diameter (OD) by using PE 80 and PE 100 material according to DIN 8074, INSO 14427, ISO 4427, EN 12201.

PE-gas supply pipes from 25 up to 225mm outside diameter (OD) and SDR 11, SDR 13.6, MOP 4 bar by using PE 80 and PE 100 material according to EN 1555 & IGS-M-PL-014-1(3) Oct 2015, INSO 11233.

PE-double wall (corrugated & profiled) sewer pipes and fittings from 200 up to 1400mm inside diameter (ID) by using HDPE material with different ring stiffness according to DIN 16961, EN 13476 & INSO 9116.

PE/PP single wall corrugated flexible pipes from 21 up to 65mm outside diameter (OD) for car communication industries.

PP-mechanical (water & irrigation) fitting from 20 up to 110mm by using of pp-copolymer material according to INSO 21264.

PE-Butt fusion (water & irrigation) fittings from 50 up to 630 mm outside diameter (OD) and different nominal pressures according to DIN 16963, ISO 4427, EN 12201 & INSO 14427 by using PE80 & PE100.

PP-saddles (water & irrigation) from 20 up to 200mm with different branches by using of pp-copolymer material according to INSO 8996, ISO 13460.

Drip irrigation PE32 & PE40 pipes from 12-32mm outside diameter (OD) by using best material  according to INSO 7607 & ISO 8779.