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Quality Control Department

Laboratories of Plastic Industries Co. Jihad Zamzam, a member of the National Iranian Standards Organization, has an ISO 17025 Certification Certificate, a partner at the Center for Agricultural Mechanization Development and National Iranian Gas Company.

The quality control labs of this company with the aim of achieving the objectives of the quality policy of the lab and having the best testing and measuring equipment are calibrated with reliable brands (and skilled and experienced qualified personnel and laboratories with scientific and experimental backing and expert licensed experts The standard in the fields of monitoring the implementation of standards and standardization and training, all processes from the time of entry of raw materials, during production, final product and loading in accordance with national and international standards INSO 7607, EN1555, EN12201, ISO 4427, INSO 14427 and Quality designs and checklists and related forms according to the plan Timed, controlled.

Jihad Zamzam Co. has committed all the laboratory personnel by maintaining the organizational values ​​committed to moving towards the following objectives:

  • Compliance with all the requirements and regulatory requirements associated with the ISO 17025 International Standard System.
  • Observe professional procedures in the lab and conduct quizzes based on relevant documentation.
  • The use of scientific and validated standardized test methods.
  • Improvement of the quality of the laboratory services and its continuous improvement
  • Improving the level of customer satisfaction and trusting them with respect to the principle of honesty and trust.
  • Use proper and up-to-date infrastructure to conduct tests as desired


Services offered in the lab

Accredited and Certified Laboratories (country sample in 2071 and provincial samples of many years) have the ability to provide educational and laboratory services in the following areas:

  • Providing educational services to quality control managers introduced by the standard agencies.
  • Providing joint and academic academic and research services.
  • Training trainees introduced by universities.
  • MFR test.
  • Test for determining the density of non-sponge plastics.
  • Oxidation induction determination time test (OIT).
  • Test for determination of enthalpy and crystallization by differential scanning method.
  • Test for measuring the amount of soot and polyolefin compounds.
  • Degree assessment and soot and pigment distribution rates test.
  • Thermal Return Test (LR).
  • Oven test tube with soft walls with a false wall.
  • Tensile Tensile Properties Test.
  • Test for determining the resistance to abrasive pressure.
  • Burst test.
  • Resistance to internal pressure after Squeeze-off.
  • Volatile volatile test
  • Resistance test of resistance to crack growth due to stress and environmental factors (ESCR).
  • Anti-cracking test due to environmental stress caused by falling connections.
  • Crack Crack Crack Test (SCG).
  • Circular Flexibility Test.
  • Circular rigidity test (short and long term)
  • Impact Resistance Test by Stacking Crash.
  • Impact Resistance Test by Rolling Fall by Round Clock Method.
  • Crushing decohesion welding test.



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