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Research and Development Department

R & D is to do any creative work in a systematic manner to increase the accumulation of knowledge, including human, cultural and social knowledge, and the use of this accumulation of knowledge for the design of new applications.

Zamzam Plastics Industries Co., with its organizational structure, laboratory equipment, workforce and specialist equipment, and 35 years experience in production, in order to provide customers with satisfaction, endeavor to produce quality product, provide after-sales service and continuous communication with Consumers, laboratory services of this industry  and also, the use of suitable raw materials, the improvement and improvement of the production process, localization and production of some of the equipment of production lines adapted to the world-wide technology required by the subsidiaries of the research and development team of the factories alongside the partner laboratories (Accredited) with the following objectives Founded in this company:

  • Awareness of the latest standards and technologies of the day of raw materials, equipment and process of production of polyethylene pipe in the world
  • Improve the level of productivity, knowledge and skills of human resources by holding briefing classes
  • Continuous communication with the consumer to identify and troubleshoot and fix them
  • To present a seminar and workshop in different parts of the country
  • Designing and manufacturing new products according to customer needs
  • Design and manufacture of equipment needed for production lines
  • Continuous communication with top manufacturers of products, equipment manufacturers and laboratories inside and outside the country

The research and development unit of this company at Zanjan Jahad Zamzam Factory has obtained the necessary certificate of research and development from Zanjan Industries and Mines Organization and its research and investigation to improve the production process, update the technology of the equipment needed for its production. Using the experience of European countries and the technical expertise of the company, the company has successfully completed the construction of a customizable brass calibrator in different sizes (20 to 560 mm) , pipe fittings and polyethylene fittings moulds.


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